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16 years of working with more than 1440 dentists throughout Ukraine!

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About us

«DLV project» is a LAB with a fine facial futures!

Dear colleges and partners!

It has been almost 16 years since we launched the company; we are constantly growing following the companies main strategy: «Constant strive for the perfection by implementing new technologies»

Our team:
• with cross-disciplinary approach;
• hybrid, innovative thinking;
• aspire to full naturalness.

We presently have our own milling center, due to additive manufacturing its possible to perform tasks of different complexity and with any constrains successfully.

It enables dentists to offer the best prosthetic solution with regards to clients requests and individual approach.

We greatly appreciate your cooperation and trust, that allows our dental lab to grow and prosper constantly, thus let our both colleges and clients succeed as well.

Thank you for your cooperation and trust!

We greatly appreciate your cooperation and trust, that allows our dental lab to grow and prosper constantly, thus let our both colleges and clients succeed as well.

Our highly qualified colleges have visited more then 1500 conferences, seminars and exhibition during 16 years of working experience.

  • Dental Laboratory Certificate
  • Dental Laboratory Certificate
  • Dental Laboratory Certificate
  • Dental Laboratory Certificate
  • Dental Laboratory Certificate
  • Dental Laboratory Certificate
  • Dental Laboratory Certificate

We make your smile - alive!

May you have a chance to encounter with the word of the latest technologies of «DLV Project»?

Intimate Climpse Digital Technologies PMMA, Zr InLAY, Full Countour ZIRCON, PEEK Touch Hand Made / Milling Machine Porcelain bridge

See our variety of products

  • Metal - free Ceramics

    Metal - free Ceramics

    960 UAH from 650 UAH


  • Cermetа


    340 UAH from 320 UAH


  • Dental Implants

    Dental Implants

    535 UAH from 500 UAH


  • Clasp Dental Prothesis

    Clasp Dental Prothesis

    1845 UAH from 1700 UAH


  • Orthodontic Apparatuses

    Orthodontic Apparatuses

    690 UAH from 500 UAH


  • Dentures


    365 UAH from 330 UAH


Metal free ceramics
Special offer for Dental Labs

  • Full Countour

    Full Countour

    from 570 UAH


  • Zirconia Cap

    Zirconia Cap

    from 570 UAH


  • Zirconia structures of various kinds

    Zirconia structures of various kinds

    from 750 UAH


  • Temporary Crown РММА

    Temporary Crown РММА

    from 160 UAH


  • Scanning and casting of models

    Scanning and casting of models

    from 150 UAH


  • Zircon in Lam

    Zircon in Lam

    from 570 UAH


  • When contacting us to make a reservation

    use special mramorit for scanning
    do not spray ountervailing polish
    zapit block out material

  • Special offer for dentists!

    from 650 UAH

    from 2400 UAH


Innovative products and services

Nothing but the result you can see!

Aligners have established themselves as a true
alternative to brackets' therapy. Orthodontic 3D We are ready to remove orthodontic impressions so that you can get:

  • Scancopy of diagnostic models;
  • Therapeutic planning by cooperating with our foreign partners;
  • Dynamic computer orthodontic modeling of defied result;
  • The possibility to monitoring and correcting at any stage of treatment.

Equipment and technologies

  • 3D Scanner Medit

    3D Scanner

  • 3D printer Formlabs

    3D printer

  • Casting Machine Installation

    Casting Machine

  • Manual Dental Milling Machine

    Manual Dental
    Milling Machine

  • Pressing Dental Injection Unit

    Pressing Dental
    Injection Unit

  • Pressing Furnace Device

    Furnace Device

  • Dental Milling Machine Imes Icore

    Dental Milling
    Machine Imes Icore

  • Microscope


Company's philosophy
«Constant strive for perfection by implementing latest technologies»

  • SLM - Selective Laser Melting. SLM - Selective Laser Melting.
    Production of metal ceramic based on chrome cobalt dental alloy.
  • САD-СAM Technology САD-СAM Technology.
    Metal-free ceramics production from zirconium oxide (FULL CONTOUR, inlays). Milling of individual dental abatement from zirconium dioxide. Temporary crowns PMMA.
  • Dental crown models 3D printing 3D printing.
    The latest technology enables to print individual orthodontic models, surgical templates and removable denture bases.

Client reviews

  • Nigai Igor Aleksandrovich

    Nigai Igor Aleksandrovich

    «Dr. Nigai» Clinics, Pavloglad city We created a long distance but at the same time very close, efficient collaboration. Speaking briefly about my experience with dental lab I have to admit : punctuality, which ensure a high level of responsibility, including timelines ; high quality of work and Thoughtfulness in every aspect with no detail missed. The wide range of services and flexible price policy will make you at ease right away. My best recommendations!
  • Palai Anatoliy Ivanovich

    Palai Anatoliy Ivanovich

    Dental Clinics, Sumy city. It's being a while since we met first time and hereby I would like to point out the high level of working organization, specially I am personally impressed with administrator's organizing skills, efficiency, sincere very kind assistance in solving any sort of problem. When some different opinions appeared about partial removable and non removable dentures constructing but it came out very comfortable to work with ceramics technologist mr. Zahorulko. In conclusion, I'd like to express my best wishes and luck for implementing innovative technics emphasizing on very individual approach in every different case.
  • Chehovskoy  Vjachedlav Vasilevich

    Chehovskoy Vjachedlav Vasilevich

    Dental Center «МКC», Kharkov city We have been cooperating with Dental Lab «DLV-Ptoject» for many years and now I am proud of our really tight relations, we become really intimate. Professionalism and high quality standards, stability and simply great, full of care personnel. We all have hard times but we constantly strive for perfection. Let me express my appreciation for everything, wish you good work and happy grateful clients.
  • Vysotskiy Viktor Vladimirovich

    Vysotskiy Viktor Vladimirovich

    «Doctor Vysotskiy» clinics, Gluhov city Dear Dental Technicians, I would like to mention the fact that the quality of removable dentures is really impressive, specially comparison of tension band wiring and plate fixation are "very satisfactory"- that what I can say without hesitation. As far as ceramics design is concerned here I believe dental technician should be able to see the work by dentists eyes. In this case the work will most satisfying for both.
  • Borisenko Yulia Yurievna

    Borisenko Yulia Yurievna

    Family Dental clinics, Energodar city Thank you for the high efficiency of performance. An accurate assessment of work is highly appreciated, recommended both for colleges to cooperate and clients.
  • Basai Elena Nikolaevna

    Basai Elena Nikolaevna

    Dental clinics , Kharkov city We have been working together with Dental Lab «DLV-Project» for more than 10 years. Nothing else but many words of appreciation and gratitude come to my mind. Very high standards of working and efficiency, it is always my real pleasure to deal with you guys at avery stage of our collaborating: it's starts from talking to administrators, discussing on professional issues with dental technicals and even delivery system made the best on impression on me. There's no doubt that very thoughtful management structure enables it all possible, thank you so much!
  • Voropaev Aleksandr Stanislavovich

    Voropaev Aleksandr Stanislavovich

    Dental clinics, Kharkov city I would like to mention that it's my pure pleasure to get to know you and work with you. Such things like individual approach, great quality and flexible price policy lead us always to best results. Thank you for constant consideration, understanding and making best possible by organizing a high-performance workplace.
  • Tokman Elena Vladimirovna

    Tokman Elena Vladimirovna

    Nedrygailov city We sincerely appreciate our continued cooperation. Thank you DLV project dental Lab for the long and very fruitful collaborating work, your constant consideration and high professionalism in solving any kind of problem in the most efficient way possible.

Our contacts

Working hours: 10:00am - 7:00pm (mon-fri), 10:00am - 5:00 pm (sat), - but specially for you our dental lab operated 24hours a day, 7 days a week!

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